Who are the Vagabonds of energy 2016?


Clément BrescianiPortrait de Clément Bresciani

“I am generally curious about the world and how it works. Specifically, my interests focus on energy production and consumption in view of the global energy situation. My concerns about building a sustainable future regarding energy directly translates into my work: I am an energy performance consultant in the building industry. I have been participating in local projects through my business, and now I would like to develop a better global understanding of the energy situation. Through this initiative, I hope to learn and promote new ways of thinking about how to make the necessary energy transition happen.”



François Glaizot

Portrait de François Glaizot

“I am passionate about travels and sustainable building. Through these passions, I became aware of the importance of energy in houses, and more generally of our modes of energy consumption. Realizing that the best energy is the one that we save, I became convinced that we have to change the way we produce and consume energy. I want to bring my stone to the edifice by showing how energy is produced elsewhere, and most importantly understand why. By analyzing the situation in foreign contexts, we can look to the future and think about our own choices.”