Lise is back

After 5 months in Brazil, Lise is back in France and gives us a first statement:

This is a summary of what I did during those 5 months for my project “Energia do Brasil”. More than 5000 km travelled by bus, dozens of Brazilian meetings (but not only), 3 hours of interviews, an incalculable number of rush videos of the country, 2 huge dams and 3 solutions at local scales.

Muito obrigada Brasil

Now it’s time for me to edit the report!
I will come back to some of the events of the trip that I have not mentioned yet.

See you soon!

Antoine is on the go

Antoine will start his journey right after the Vagabonds’ 10th anniversary party! He summarizes his initiative here:

“To me, the journey confronts us with the reality of the territories crossed, and allows us to better realize the cultural and social stakes too often erased by the technological problems. By offering a place for the unknown, the journey also facilitates encounter and open-mindedness and thus allows us to ask ourselves other questions than those specific to our reality.
That’s why I decided to take part in the adventure of the «Vagabonds of Energy» by leaving on September 1st for six months around Europe followed by five months in Latin America. My objective, to continue a study on energy technologies focusing on three points: their potential, the opportunities of integration into citizen projects, and the impacts of the resources used on the environment and people.”

We will follow Antoine closely in his adventure! To meet him,see you on August 31th

News from Lise in Brazil

Lise has been in Brazil since Febuary the 15TH. She gave us an overview of her first sight at the beginning of this trip. In a while she will be visiting hydroelectric dam!

Electricity is visible!

  • The cuts
    As soon as I arrived in Sao Paulo there were no power in the hostel, which means no light, no hot water, no air conditioning, no wifi and no power for appliances like the fridge


  • The power cables
    Here they’re overlapping over our heads

It’s because of this that in Brazil people know the importance of energy and what means we use to get an access to energy.

See you soon for the following of this adventure!