Antoine is on the go

Antoine will start his journey right after the Vagabonds’ 10th anniversary party! He summarizes his initiative here:

“To me, the journey confronts us with the reality of the territories crossed, and allows us to better realize the cultural and social stakes too often erased by the technological problems. By offering a place for the unknown, the journey also facilitates encounter and open-mindedness and thus allows us to ask ourselves other questions than those specific to our reality.
That’s why I decided to take part in the adventure of the «Vagabonds of Energy» by leaving on September 1st for six months around Europe followed by five months in Latin America. My objective, to continue a study on energy technologies focusing on three points: their potential, the opportunities of integration into citizen projects, and the impacts of the resources used on the environment and people.”

We will follow Antoine closely in his adventure! To meet him,see you on August 31th

Our report in Porto Rico

Casa Pueblo (House of People in English), is located in Adjuntas, in the heart of the Puerto Rican mountains. In the 1970s, a group of citizens faced an open-pit mining project led by the government that would threaten the quality of water for a large part of the country.

After 15 years of struggle, the project is abandoned and the forest preserved. Casa Pueblo then becomes the spearhead of environmental protection in the country. The civic organization obtains the right to create protected areas and fight against other projects. Today, Casa Pueblo has become a place of education for the environment and citizenship.