The Wanderers of Energy


Antoine Froehlicher

“A newcomer to the Vagabonds team, I am currently studying in an engineering school at ENSEM (Nancy). As part of my studies, I am leaving in September 2019 for a year of solo break, in Europe and then in South America, around an energy study project for the energy transition.”



Lise Castellier

“As a student engineer in Electrical Engineering and sensitive to environmental issues, I am aware of the current challenges related to energy. I am also looking forward to traveling the world, confronting cultures and rubbing ideas together! It is in this spirit that I joined the Vagabonds team for the winning cocktail that brought together my desires: a study-trip on the energy theme. Learning how to produce differently and understanding the mechanisms that link human beings and energy are the motivations for this adventure.”



Amina Bouri

“I am convinced that we all have a role to play in the ecological transition and that the solution lies in each of us. I advocate an optimistic and bottom-up vision in which the citizen is the driving force for change. Passionate and mobilized for the energy transition, my wish is to discover and make people discover inspiring and innovative projects, with a positive social and environmental impact, in order to encourage everyone to initiate or continue their transition.”



Clément Bresciani

“I am generally curious about the world and how it works. Specifically,Portrait de Clément Bresciani my interests focus on energy production and consumption in view of the global energy situation. My concerns about building a sustainable future regarding energy directly translates into my work: I am an energy performance consultant in the building industry. I have been participating in local projects through my business, and now I would like to develop a better global understanding of the energy situation. Through this initiative, I hope to learn and promote new ways of thinking about how to make the necessary energy transition happen.”



François Glaizot

“I am passionate about travels and sustainable building. Through these passions,Portrait de François Glaizot I became aware of the importance of energy in houses, and more generally of our modes of energy consumption. Realizing that the best energy is the one that we save, I became convinced that we have to change the way we produce and consume energy. I want to bring my stone to the edifice by showing how energy is produced elsewhere, and most importantly understand why. By analyzing the situation in foreign contexts, we can look to the future and think about our own choices.”



Arnaud Crétot

“The idea for this trip was born in 2008 after many discussions. These “go and see” desires took place in the well-known context of awareness of global warming, energy crises … My first desire is to meet people and energy projects. But I want to do more, raise awareness, look at solutions to build a real vision of the energy landscape. I hope to learn a lot about energy, understand its stakes (access, conflicts, impacts…), take the temperature of all actors, see what the possibilities are. I really care about the film that will come out of this experience. Now that everyone agrees to act, we hope to provide some leads.”



Robin Deloof

“After several trips, many questions came to me and I wanted to travel to see how people from different countries manage their resources. This project will make it possible to see the local and human problems behind global energy management. For me, travel is a source of motivation, knowledge and inexhaustible experience. During various trips I have learned a lot and I hope to continue with this project both on the road and through meetings as well as during visits to facilities or ecological projects.”