2018 – 2019 Amina

Passionate about travel and standing against global warming with the organization of events and awareness campaign, I had long wanted to combine my two passions and going on explor’action, so I decided “on a whim” to throw myself in the awesome adventure of the backpackers of energy. In a nutshell, three weeks of planning and a journey of two months

The expedition begins in Costa Rica and it finishes in Peru, I will cross Panama Columbia and Ecuador. My study is going into deals with Latin America because of the language so I can speak easily with local populations and project’s holders

The main goal is to meet the hands of change, and workers who act in favor of energetic transition, and discover their project and inspire other citizens to involve themselves. I’ll write articles during my trip to explain my discoveries

How to combine travel and environment? Not so easy when we know the impact of traveling by plane and that we don’t have the time to take a boat, so the carbon footprint will be entirely offset, moreover, I’ll watch to travel with the most eco-responsible way possible, for example I want my trip to be “zero waste”.

Because of the lack of time, my journey will be self-financing. I plan a budget of 2500€ (including plane tickets) for two months of discoveries


Do not hesitate to share your questions, remarks, or any suggestion: amina.bouri@lowcarbonfrance.org ! Stay tuned