The association

Our Commitments

The organization Les Vagabonds de L’énergie are involved in three main themes:

  • The carrying of trips – studies related to the energetic transition, respecting the values ​​of the organization (see below)
  • Awareness and mobilization through popular education with workshops, conferences, debates, video projections, school interventions …
  •  The beginning of a mobilization on the territory of Rouen for a project of renewable energy handle by citizen.


Our Values

Les Vagabonds de L’énergie defend a model of progressive energy decrease towards renewable energies. In a nutshell, a reduction of our consumption with sobriety, energy efficiency, and a growth of the renewable energies in our territory.

We believe that the energetic transition must first and foremost consider the citizens, so that it must be “social”. Cultural habits, social regimes, modes of governance, the environment, the local climate, are only a sample of the sociological and structural factors to be considered in the growth of the energetic transition.

Our values ​​are turned towards a popular education approach, in a spirit of sharing knowledge, constructive exchanges and involvement. For this, all means of communication are good: videos, articles, social networks, conferences, workshops-discussions, projections-debates … and why not start together the creation of a citizen renewable energy park?!

We see travel as an opportunity to share knowledge and cultural discoveries. However, a reflection on the place we have in the trip is essential, so that it should be led by respecting the countries visited and their inhabitants.